At The Trolley Shop we carry a range of shopping carts to suit a variety of purposes, including:

* New shopping trolleys
* Refurbished shopping trolleys
* 160 litre Shopper
* 212 litre Shopper
* 212 litre Budget Shopper
* Nursery trolley for plants
* Novelty trolleys for children
* Two basket mini-trolleys
Also available: Plastic shopping baskets in assorted colours with metal stands.

The Trolley Shop can organise art work for your trolley’s handles and as a unique feature, all of our trolleys can include a laser plate of your business name. We offer custom made trolleys to suit your requirements. There is also a number of different coloured plastic components that can be ordered to suit your business identity.

Please contact The Trolley Shop if you would like to enquire about our range of shopping trolleys.