Government Contracts

Several Government Departments are regular customers of The Trolley Shop, ranging from Fremantle Hospital through to the Department of Housing and Works.

These bodies have identified some mobility issues within their work environment and have approached The Trolley Shop to help solve these problems. So far we are happy to report that we have accomplished these tasks to their satisfaction.

The Trolley Shop has the ability and confidence to take on any job, large or small. Whether it be a solution to make it easier for TAFE lecturers to transport books and equipment across campus, or a design to assist Fremantle Hospital to move ward beds around their extensive facility, The Trolley Shop has the answer.

Following is a list of Government Departments The Trolley Shop has dealt with:

  • Department of Housing & Works
  • Fremantle Hospital
  • Metropolitan Health Services
  • Department of Health
  • Education Department
  • Retirement & Aged Care
  • Disability Services

We Provide our Services Australia Wide