At The Trolley shop we carry a range of bakers and meat racks for use in bakeries and butchers. They can be made as per standard design, or shelves can be made at any height required by the client for cake making or if they require something larger for roast meats.

Being made in WA has its advantages because if a problem arises, our mobile service vehicles can attend ASAP and solve the problem, thus allowing very low down time of equipment. “Our servicemen can change wheels re-weld fatigued metals replace rake shelving and repair or replace work benches and adjustable height tables after your bakers and butchers have finished for the day.

Ensuring the client has their equipment back in service promptly is of great importance to us as we pride ourselves on great customer service. We also have spare racks available for loan to clients if equipment has to be taken away for repair, once again saving clients down time.

Contact The Trolley Shop if you would like to enquire about our range of bakers and meat racks.